We’re Bilingual!

Find out more about our innovative bilingual programme at the CIFP Medina del Campo.

We are really happy to announce that our centre has been chosen to form part of the bilingual programme for vocational training students (Formación profesional) this 2022-2023 course. It is an innovative way to polish up your English skills while involving in vocational training. Don’t be afraid- you only have to undertake one subject in English in each course. Don’t worry, it’ not difficult as no previous knowledge is needed and lesson groups are not numerous.

If you finally decide to give it a go, you will also have the opportunity to study abroad during your next summer vacations. Expenses free.

You can choose to take the bilingual option in the following studies:

  1. Administrative Management (Gestión Administrativa).
  2. Commercial Activities (Actividades Comerciales).
  3. Administration and Finance (Administración y Finanzas)

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